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8 Social Enterprise Restaurants

Sometimes you want to donate or volunteer for a vital cause; however, you’re unsure what streamlined measures to take to fulfill your desire effectively. Stopping by a social enterprise restaurant is a good start.

Social enterprise restaurants trade food merely to reinvest their profits into a social or environmental cause. They’re restaurants giving a new level of significance to the culinary enterprise by hiring recently relieved refugees or donating funds for kids with a form of impairment. This quality perfectly illustrates that food is a powerful approach to establishing a sense of belonging among all society members.

Below are restaurants in different parts of the world you can utilize to satisfy your hunger while ensuring lives are positively touched.

1. La Parole – Hong Kong

Grabbing a hot cake at La Parole will enable a child to get therapy from Benji’s Centre. (A charity organization offering speech therapy to youth).

Children and youths with speech disabilities coming from an underprivileged background in Hong Kong can behold a ray of hope through the social mission of La Parole. This elegant Sheung Wan restaurant incorporates high-class, traditional French delicacies with social enterprise goals.

2. Le Bernardin – Midtown Manhattan, New York

There’s more to Le Bernardin restaurant than its first impression of luxurious decor, exquisite seafood dishes, and expert service. The seafood hotspot took the initiative of eliminating food waste in America by yearly donating above 40,000 pounds of food to one of New York’s food rescue groups called City Harvest.

Seafood stew, chicken, Bolognese, rice, grilled vegetables, salad and potatoes, varieties of rolls and bread, and fresh vegetables also make it to the shelters from Le Bernardin.

3. Laughing Man Coffee – New York, USA

Thanks to Hugh Jackman, grabbing a fairly traded cup of coffee at Laughing Man Coffee means helping coffee growers in Ethiopia obtain decent compensation for the outstanding products they launch into the market.

Moreover, this café enhances farming practices that conserve the earth and ensure sustainable growth. The entire profit from Hugh Jackman’s café lands in the Laughing Man Foundation, which funds educational programs, social entrepreneurs worldwide, and community development.

4. Mazi Mas – London

Founder, Nikandre Kopcke established Mazi Mas in 2012 to aid unemployed refugee women in expressing and capitalizing on their culinary skills. The restaurant empowers females with the proficiency to develop their businesses. Hired women learn about and engage with their new community by telling their stories. The Mazi Mas scheme is thriving internationally with an identical model in Sydney, Australia.

5. FOLONOMO – Sydney, Australia

FOLONOMO, which means “For Love Not Money,” stays true to their words by giving back to the society every cent the enterprise earns. They donate to different organizations around the world, driving social change and impact. What’s more – FOLONOMO’s customers have the privilege of deciding where their money goes.

Moreover, the restaurant is a hub not just for food but for art bringing the locals together through exhibitions and classes organized with different speakers to excite the audience.

6. Delancey Street Restaurant – San Francisco

Nestled in San Francisco is Delancey Street Restaurant. The visionary food spot brandishes more than the best pellet smokers “great for outdoor cooking” or an excellent outdoor TV that gives you a great time “while watching your favorite shows.”

All money paid for the fantastic food at Delancey Street Restaurant goes straight to their foundation featuring a training and housing program that caters to people formerly incarcerated striving to get back their lives.

7. Gustu – La Paz, Bolivia

Restaurants in Bolivia aren’t only worried about the flavor of their dishes but also meeting the needs of the populace. One of such is Gustu – meaning flavor in Quechua – rooted in La Paz, raising a new generation of skilled chefs by giving them access to culinary education. This restaurant, founded by Claus Meyer, serves diners locally sourced food. Additionally, the school assists low-income earners to train their wards to become world-class chefs.

With impressive cocktails synchronized with a seven-course tasting menu for patrons, more than 600 students now boast of in-depth knowledge in cooking and the hope of standing on their feet financially.

8. Mu’ooz – Brisbane, Australia

Enjoy North-East African cuisines to provide work experience and training to African refugees. Mu’ooz is a not-for-profit restaurant enabling the elimination of cross-cultural barriers for females who have experienced war trauma, poverty, and rare opportunity for education.

The restaurant generates funds to assist local and international causes and natural crises. There are more than 100 refugee women who have obtained training due to this peculiar mission.

All you have to do is visit, order a package, and even utilize their catering service to help Mu’ooz to achieve its mission. There’s an endless list of social enterprise restaurants for you to explore; one could be in your neighborhood or around the vicinity of your next destination. Keep them in business as you feed your stomach to continue giving back to society.