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I'm Waletera

“My money is available
in minutes,my life
is much simpler"
                                       Marcela G.
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I'm Waletero

“It's affordable and
I do everything from
my phone"
                                     José P.

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I'm Waletero

“Finally something made
for us, latinos living in
                                                 Luis F.

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I'm Waletero

“With Waleteros my
money is safe and
always with me”
                              Manuel R.

Mobile banking for everyone


Wherever you want,
whenever you want


Don't carry cash
any longer


Don't pay unnecessary
fees anymore

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Get paid faster

Add your checks
in minutes taking
a picture*

Or receive your
salary or government
benefits up to 2 days
earlier with direct
* Service provided by First Century Bank, N.A. And Ingo Money, Inc.
  All checks subject to review for approval. Fees and data rates may apply.

Sending money to your family and friends doesn't have to be so complicated

With the app, send money instantly to other Waleteros, any time, anywhere.

Easy. Safe. Prepaid.

Whether to watch Netflix, shop on Amazon, or to pay your bills, you no longer have to carry cash. Your card is accepted anywhere. Additionally, you have access to 24,000 surcharge free ATMs.

The funds in your card are 100% insured
by the FDIC.

Take full control of your finances

Follow your expenses anytime and receive text messages for every transaction.

No overdraft, maintenance or inactivity fees.

Set-Up & Account Management
$0.00 Sign up
$0.00 Waleteros prepaid Card
$0.00 Overdraft, maintenance, inactivity and cancellation fees
$0.00 Minimum account balance required
Add Money
$0.00 Accepted check types funded in 10 days if not returned unpaid
2.00% Payroll and government checks funded in minutes ($6 minimum fee per approved check)
5.00% Other accepted check types funded in minutes ($6 minimum fee per approved check)
$0.00 Receive direct deposit
$0.00 Receive money from other Waleteros
$0.00 Load cash through third party networks (Western Union & Greendot charge approximately $4.95 per load)
Spend Money
$0.00 Purchases with your Waleteros prepaid Card as ”Credit” (also allows online purchases and bill payments at no extra cost)
$0.00 Withdraw money from MoneyPass ATMs ($2.50 fee and additional third party fees may apply for non-MoneyPass network ATMs)
$1.00 Purchases with your Waleteros prepaid Card as ”Debit”
$0.75 Send money to other Waleteros (maximum of $500 per transfer and daily transfer limit of $5,000)
$0.50 Purchase decline due to insufficient funds
$1.50 ATM transaction decline
$1.00 ATM balance inquiry
Spend Money Outside the U.S
$1.00 Purchases with your Waleteros prepaid Card as “Debit” or “Credit”
$2.50 ATM withdrawals (additional third party fees may apply)
$1.50 ATM transaction decline
$1.00 ATM balance inquiry
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Join Waleteros in
3 simple steps

Download the free
app now

Sign up in
5 minutes

Receive your card
at your home

Don't wait any longer, simplify your life now!

Visit our support center for more information, or call
we have a team dedicated to helping you.

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