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I'm Waletera

“My money is available in minutes,
my life is much simpler"
App available soon.
Marcela G.
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I'm Waletero

“It's affordable and I do
everything from my phone"

App available soon.

José P.

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I'm Waletero

“Finally something made for
us latinos living in USA"

App available soon.

Luis F.

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I'm Waletero

“With Waleteros my money is
safe and always with me”

App available soon.

Manuel R.

Much better than a Check Cashing Store

More Comfortable

Wherever you want, whenever you want

More Control

Your money always at reach


You don't have to carry cash


Don't pay unnecessary fees

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More time for you!

Add your checks in minutes*
Make your purchases and pay your bills with Waleteros
Send money to other Waleteros, wherever they are!

App available soon

* Service provided by First Century Bank, N.A, and Ingo Money, Inc

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Track your balance and your transactions on your cell
and receives no cost text messages for each operation.

Review your expenses and take control!
wherever they are!
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Your money finally
in a safe place

"With Waleteros I don't have
to carry cash"
Paula V.

Sign up at no cost, there are no maintenance, inactivity or cancellation fees.

Service: Fee:
Registration & Waleteros Prepaid MasterCard $0.00
Maintenance, Inactivity and Cancellation Fees $0.00
Minimum Account Balance Required $0.00
Service: Fee:
Receive Direct Deposit $0.00
Receive Money from other Waleteros $0.00
Load Cash through Third Party Networks 1 $0.00
Payroll & Government Checks with Preprinted Signature 2 2.00%
Other Accepted Check Types 2 5.00%

1) Western Union or Greendot charge approximately $4.95 per load
2) $6 minimum fee per check load

Service: Fee:
Prepaid MasterCard Signature Purchase (”Credit”) 1 $0.00
MoneyPass Network ATM Withdrawals 2 $0.00
Prepaid MasterCard PIN Purchase (”Debit”) $1.00
Send Money to other Waleteros $0.75
MasterCard Purchase Decline $0.50
ATM Decline $1.50
ATM Balance Inquiry $1.00

1) Pay your utility bills calling your provider at no cost
2) $2.50 fee for Non-Money Pass Network ATMs (additional third party fees may apply)

Service: Fee:
Prepaid MasterCard Signature or PIN Purchase $1.00
ATM Withdrawals 1 $2.50

1) $2.50 fee for Non-Money Pass Network ATMs (additional third party fees may apply)