Site Objective

Our Objective

In general, our objective is to apply commercial strategies to maximize social impact rather than profits. We emphasize on ways to eradicate societal pressures and produce progressive externalities or public properties. That’s why we have a specific set of directions to get our business off the ground. We compete alongside other businesses, but we use business principles to achieve social aims.

Another objective of our social enterprise is the training and employment of people who are typically excluded from the mainstream economy. To that end, we create employment for those most severely disadvantaged in the labor market. We believe that this will enable us to be freed from “strings-attached” grant funding and often unreliable corporate or individual donations. But we also illustrate how other actors—such as universities, accelerators, and incubators—can continue to support social enterprises. We hope that our work will be a source of inspiration and a useful tool for policymakers in the United States and beyond.